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Perth Petition Calls to End High Street Boxes

In an effort to help make Perth’s High street a safe place for locals, Perth and Kinross Council has placed several wooden crates on the cities High Street.

Now businessman Imran Javed, from Mobile Solutions, says the boxes are obstructing the high street by getting in the way of customers parking and access for disabled people.

He says it’s not just a problem for shopkeepers but customers too, Mr Javed said: “They’re not only closing the normal parking, but also disabled parking spaces occupied by these wooden boxes.

“I am here on behalf of all local shopkeepers about the problem we are all facing due to the wooden boxes placed by Perth and Kinross Council.”

A spokesperson for Perth and Kinross Council told Heartland FM: “The Council’s primary objective in introducing a range of measures to support physical distancing, including the new pedestrianised zone, is the need to maintain public safety and help prevent the spread of coronavirus.”

Mr Javed has now started a petition calling on the council to remove the planters since Mr Javed feels ‘our objections seem to have been ignored.’

However, Perth and Kinross council have said: “We have been contacted direct by local businesses regarding the measures and are currently making arrangements for a discussion with them to consider the points they raise and look at any adjustment that may be required.”

Although for Mr Javed, the damage has already been done, claiming: “Already 80% of our businesses are affected by the pandemic and closing this street has brought our sales figures down to 90%.”

Here’s Imran Javed in his own words:

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