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Perth UHI Crieff Road Campus Turns 50 Years Old

LISTEN: Dr Margaret Cook gives her thoughts on the history of the campus and where it’s heading next

Perth UHI’s Creiff Road Campus turned 50 years with many memories from students gone by going remembered right now.

Students across Highland Perthshire, in Perth and the rest of the country and beyond spent their time developing their skills between school and work, school and university and from work to work at the Creiff Road Campus.

Dr Margaret Cook, Perth College UHI Principal, said: “So our buildings on Crieff Road have just turned 50 years old. We’ve been located here for all of those years, and it’s a really exciting thing for us to mark, but also really exciting to take that opportunity of looking back on those 50 years, but also looking forward to see what comes next.”

Although, across the past fifty years, like much of the rest of the world, the campus saw its first worldwide pandemic in 2020.

And just like everyone else, the team had to find a way to get out of the classroom and into the homes of hundreds of students within a matter of days.

Dr Cook explained: “I mean, very quickly in March 2020, we moved from basically an all-face-to-face activity overnight on to as much we could put online for our students as we possibly could. And in doing that, we encountered lots of huge success, but we also encountered some real difficult to particularly around issues of digital poverty with our students.

“And I think its common with all educational institutions from schools right through to universities, that became a big problem for us. One, which we just put lots of money in Scottish government put lots of money into enabling students to have the kits and the connections that the actually needed to undertake for education.”

And moving into the future the college is intending to keep the stepping stone from school to skilled workforce open.

Dr Cook added: “So we’re potentially looking at the moment, we’re in a situation where to lots of people can leave college or leave school and go straight into job. They’re not necessarily wanting to come back for higher education or post-school education.

“So it’s about delivering for a workforce, which we already do, but in policing that so much more rained about modern apprenticeships, graduate apprenticeships, all of those areas where people can engage with education, definitely to your traditional full-time program. So lots of that is, is really exciting for us as an institution, but also for our students going forward.”

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