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Perth UHI Offers Rent Rebate to Students

The University of Highland and Islands is offering a relaxation on the rent for students staying in their accommodation.

Students who haven’t been able to return to their accommodation because of the travel restrictions can choose to either pause or ask for a rebate on their rent.

A spokesperson from the UHI said: “The University of the Highlands and Islands has agreed that students who are returning to university owned accommodation late as a result of government restrictions can apply for a rent pause/rebate from 5 January until they return or the current restrictions end.

“This is the approach for our four university owned residences and we are hoping to extend it to the other residences in our partnership which are owned by our academic partner colleges and research institutions.”

This decision means that students who couldn’t return to the accommodation on campus, owned by the university, can elevate the cost of their rent from days they missed out on.

In response, the President of the Highlands and Islands Student Association, Florence Jansen, said: “This is a huge win for HISA and our students. The pandemic has put many students at risk of being both financially and academically disadvantaged, and it is great to see our institution taking this step to better support our students through this challenging time.  

“Students of the University of the Highlands and Islands with residency contracts can expect details of the arrangement as early as next week, and we encourage students in private term-time accommodation, who are not eligible for this, to reach out to us and apply to the university’s discretionary funds should they be struggling.

“Together with NUS Scotland, HISA is calling on the Scottish Government to provide increased support and compensation to all students affected by the latest guidance, which has caused disruption to the lives and education of many young people across the country.”

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