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Perthshire Artist reaches goal for ‘New Easel and Eye’ fundraiser

Award-winning Perthshire artist, Karenina Johnson has reached her Crowdfunding goal, allowing her to purchase life-changing equipment from America and continue her art.

Karenina was recently diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition which could eventually lead to her needing a cornea replacement.

Karenina said: “I don’t want to have that happen, so I want to try and save my eyes.

“In order to do that, I want to work on much larger pictures and after much research I have found the perfect easel which offers the flexibility that I need however, it’s in the States.”

Karenina’s initial target of £3,500 for the easel was thankfully reached and further ‘match funded’ by Creative Scotland who added £1,500.

The Crowdfunding efforts were rewards based and included how to tutorials to create your own project, paintings by Karenina and even an experience of a day painting in the beautiful Rodney Gardens in Perth with lunch paid for by the artist.

Karenina said: “My working life is about to be transformed.

“This is beyond fantastic and means that I can now replace my ancient MacBook Air with a desktop Mac.

“I will be able to see the screen, it will be at the right height for working at, and it will make editing videos a whole lot easier.

“This is all thanks to your generosity, plus Creative Scotland and Crowdfunder between you, you have quite literally transformed my working life for the better. Thank you.”

Adding: “Now that I’ve reached my goal, I have ordered my easel and I’m in the queue so it’ll be about 6-7 months! I can also upgrade my MacBook and go back to a desktop computer so I can see what I’m doing.

“I am so grateful to the people who helped me, I couldn’t have done it without their help and the people who pledged money, individuals and Creative Scotland. I am so lucky. These are tough times and that makes it even more special that people helped me out.”

To see work by Karenina Johnson, visit https://kareninajohnsonartist.co.uk/ or visit the Crowdfunder at https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/new-easel-and-eye

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