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Perthshire Businesses Optimistic for Future

Photo Credit: fauxels

A survey of businesses across Perth and Highland Perthshire is showing a growing sense of optimism amongst the business community.

The survey held by the Perthshire Chamber of Commerce of commerce found that 60% of businesses said their revenue had increased since the first quarter of 2021.

Perthshire Chamber Chief Executive Vicki Unite said: “It’s good to have some positive news from our businesses, but of course not all sectors are thriving yet and many are still shackled by the effects and after-effects of Covid.

“We again ask the Government for continued, and in fact increased, support for those sectors which are worst affected, such as tourism, and hope the green shoots of recovery can begin for them too.”

Two thirds of respondents also predicted a further increase in revenue over the next quarter.

Vicki Unite added: “It’s obviously going to take a long time for our economy to get anywhere close to pre-pandemic levels, but business confidence is clearly growing and this can hopefully be a springboard to a much more vital and dynamic second part of the year.”

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