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Perthshire Sheltered Housing Dementia Designed Decorating

Artist Louise Kirby at James Court sheltered housing

LISTEN: Louise Kirby explains the art in Pitlochry’s James Court housing.

NHS Tayside’s Healthcare and Arts Trust and Perth and Kinross Council have commissioned dementia-friendly art in Carpenter Court and Strathmore Street sheltered housing units in Perth and at James Court in Pitlochry.

The art work is designed to help dementia residents with navigate around the housing by identifying each rooms unique aesthetic and colour.

Louise Kirby, the artist behind the works, said: “I loved the challenge of using my design skills to improve how residents find their way around the sheltered housing units. The buildings are very different in size and layout so they required different solutions, but the principle is the same.

“The design elements link and flow with the established colour coding to provide positive visual markers for people.”

Seasonal themed art at Carpenter Court

LISTEN: Louise Kirby describes the visuals behind the Carpenter Court sheltered housing

By using contrasting colours, inspired by the seasons, Louise Kirby was able to make each room appear distinct while celebrating the natural environment and maintaining a consistent theme.

Her work comes after a series of consultations with residents which revealed how some didn’t want to feature leavings on the ground since it could remind them of falling when they are vulnerable.

Mrs Kirby added: “This has been a great opportunity to see how my designs can help people living in these units.”

Strathmore sheltered housing

LISTEN: Louise Kirby describes the work behind the art at Strathmore sheltered housing

The projects aim has been to improve the quality of life and social inclusion for residents who suffer from isolating illness such as dementia, this project hopes that the works will empower residents to contribute towards their well being.

Perth & Kinross Council’s Housing and Communities Convener, Councillor Bob Brawn, said, “These are lovely images and we’ve received a lot of positive comments about them from both residents and visitors. They really enjoy the colour they’ve brought to the units.

“They are a great addition and our residents and staff are really pleased with the outcome.”

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