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Phrases Release their New Album ‘Clarity’

LISTEN: Eden Barrie and Matt Evans talked about how lock down shaped their first EP

Following the release of their debut single Sideline in May, the band Phrases are excitedly launching their debut EP, Clarity.

Singer Eden Barrie spoke of the inspiration behind the album, a collection of emotions which will resonate with any listener.

Eden said:

“The EP is called Clarity, so each song is like a different emotional state we’ve been in.

“The inspiration definitely came from stages that we have been through in the past year and a half.

“For instance, Sideline was all about going for things and we were so excited to get back out and pursue stuff and push ourselves.

“Then the second song, Waiting, is about the frustration we were in not being able to do anything and we weren’t feeling motivated, and it was really a way for us to do something creative in this challenging space.

“The final song, Sad the Suns Gone, is a little bit more hopeful, kind of still bittersweet but it’s more in that in between stage that we are now.

“We called it Clarity because we were kind of able to process and understand and get through the past year and a half as musicians through writing.

“We’re really happy with these songs and really excited for people to hear them.”

The duo is excitedly planning their move to Glasgow and getting involved in the Scottish music scene.

Musician and Producer, Matt Evans, said:

“We’re really excited because once we move up to Glasgow, we’ll be working with a great company that provide opportunities for musicians and we just can’t wait to connect with them and perform at their events.

“We just can’t wait to get stuck into the Glasgow music scene really.

The band are an amazing example to other prospective musicians as not only have they recorded their music based in different countries but they have set out to network with others and spread the word about their amazing music.

For those looking to get into the music industry, Matt and Eden have some key advice which they have utilised to create and spread the word.

Matt added:

“I think just get stuck in, just go for it.

“Now the restrictions are going to be easing up. Definitely try and get yourself to jam nights, open mic nights, acoustic nights, anything like that. Don’t be afraid to get involved, just go for it.

“Reach out to people whether on social media or in person at a jam night, don’t be afraid to ask questions and definitely try and find people you connect with musically, that’s really important because if you’re on the same wavelength musically, you’ll be on the same wavelength with your writing as well.”

Clarity is available from today on music streaming platforms and you can catch the bands amazing music videos on their YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMidshKyBYryuYO2oE0WXYw

You can follow Phrases on social media at: https://www.facebook.com/phrasesuk/

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