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Pink Saltire Offering Cost of Living Support to LGBTQ+ Community Through Rainbow Heartlands Project

LGBTQ+ Charity Pink Saltire, are using their local project Rainbow Heartlands to help those facing difficulties during the Cost of Living Crisis, with funding support from Perth and Kinross Council.

The charity has recognised the need to make sure those within the LGBTQ+ community feel that there is access to support and guidance as well as making sure they continue to feel as sense of connection to a supportive community.  

Matt Wester, the Project Officer, comments “During our most challenging of times, we want to make sure that people know there is support available. As money is often such a stigmatised matter, we recognise that it can create dividing lines between family members, partners and friends, which can then escalate into a whole number of other problems.

“Through providing regular social opportunities where we can cover the majority of such costs for people can help give people that relief. As well as this, we would like to understand people’s current challenges and support them through that where we can. This help is in confidence and free of judgement.”

The whole country has been facing a tough winter, with ongoing freezing temperatures, rising costs of day-to-day goods and, for many, a very isolating and lonely time of year, with the limited funds available for many impacting on their social life.

Rainbow Heartlands are currently offering on-to-one support to help explore the options and make sure people are accessing all the help available to them, with a digital cost of living support page also available offering details on good budgeting tips, local funds and ways to find help when at a point of crisis.

For more information on the support available visit www.heartlands.lgbt/costofliving or email support@heartlands.lgbt for further details of how to access support in Perth and Kinross.

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