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Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council Apologise after Ballyoukan Forrest Meeting

Following the meeting held on Tuesday 31st of May at the Atholl Centre by the Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council, they have issued a public apology.

The statement released by the Community Council reads: “We are sorry that Today’s meeting to discuss Ballyoukan Forrest was not as well prepared as we would wish it to have been. The meeting was well attended, and we have clear ways forward. We will schedule meetings in the near future to move this forward.

“We are sorry about the very short notice to the public and realise it impacted those who came. We realise some people who would have come missed the opportunity and that local media had inadequate notice and briefing. We apologise to our three councillors whom we did not effectively invite.

“We apologise to Scottish Woodlands whom we did not effectively invite. We apologise to some of our own community council members whom we did not effectively invite. We are volunteers and despite our very best intention we fumbled the ball here. We will strive to put this right and get the best outcome for the community.”

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