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Pitlochry and Moulin COVID Support Group at the Ready

Helping people in their community, the Pitlochry and Moulin COVID support group are ready to help with basic needs which are now a struggle under lockdown.

The team can help with anything from a run to the Co-Op, picking up medication and even just arranging a cheap chippy.

Bruce Patterson, one of the groups organisers, said: “We have a telephone number which people can phone up and at the end of that number there will be someone there who can take that call.

“And if it’s a simple thing such as going to the Co-Op to collect some shopping or it may be to go to the chemist to collect some prescription, these are the most common things we do.

“But there are many other things that we do as well, if for instance you’re housebound, you can’t get out or your shielding, just give us a call and if we can have a volunteer that can do things for you we certainly will.”

COVID numbers are now up, the rules are becoming stricter and, as the First Minister explained, we’re living ‘similar to the Lockdown of March last year.’

Which is why the group was created in the first place, and throughout the pandemic they’ve been ready with their support.

Mr Patterson further explained: “We came around last March at the beginning of the first lock down time, and at that time the idea was that we would just help out people as and when they needed to.

“And of course, we didn’t really know what we were going to be doing, what we needed to do, but we did know there is a need.

“So, we’ve continued to do that since about the middle of last March and we’ve been open every day of the week from then until now, including Christmas day, New Year’s Day, right through.”

The team are there to help and no one should feel as though they can’t ask for some support, everyone’s concerns are welcome.

‘Don’t be shy’ says Mr Patterson, ‘just give us a call, we’re there to help, big or small, whatever it is.’

He added: “And the thing is, you’ll be able to speak to someone that lives locally, lives in the community, and geographically knows where everything is, they’ll know who your talking about and it’s not like you’ll be speaking to anyone anonymous at the end.

“And of course, it’s all pretty much confidential, whatever happens within the group, and any help we need to provide is confidential.

“So, don’t be shy and please do give us a call, and that’s why we set it up and that’s why we’re there, we’re here to help where and how, wherever we can.”

Open from nine o’clock in the morning, until five o’clock at night, the phone line is open seven days a week.

They can be contacted on: 01796 475333

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