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Pitlochry Climate Cafe Providing Eco-Badges for Accommodation Owners

The Pitlochry Climate Café is looking to improve the area’s ‘green credentials’ by issuing eco-badges to accommodation providers. 

According to Booking.com, 71% of 25–40-year-olds take sustainability into consideration when choosing where to stay. 

The eco business badge can be displayed inside the accommodation and can be applied for through the Pitlochry and Moulin Climate Café website. 

Julia Harriman owns a self-catering flat in Pitlochry and was the first to receive the award. She said: “It was really brilliant to receive the first Pitlochry eco-business badge. 

“There are so many holiday accommodation providers in Pitlochry and so if we all take steps towards being more environmentally friendly, it will make a real difference.”

Accommodation owners should also look out for an email from the Climate Café over the next few weeks inviting them to fill in a questionnaire. 

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