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Pitlochry Co-Op Raises Nearly £15,000 for Pitlochry

LISTEN: Barry Jardine explains how the ‘it’s what we do fundraiser’ works

Pitlochry’s local Co-Op has risen almost £15,000 as part of their ‘it’s what we do’ fundraiser which has been split across three organisations in Pitlochry.

The £14,947 has been given to The Den at Heartland Kids Club, the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church and us at Heartland FM.

All of the money raised comes from members as the local store manager, Barry Jardine, explained: “The local cause is apart of the membership scheme, so when a member shops within the Co-Op, and they buy a Co-Op brand product, one per cent of that goes back to a local cause of their choosing within the area.”

 In 2017 the Co-Op launched the rebranding of the membership scheme which lets customers choose where the money they raise by shopping goes for local cause.

Now Pitlochry’s Co-Op has celebrated 12 pay out days for local causes within the area.

Of the money raised, £5,682 has gone towards The Den at Heartland Kids Club, another £4,405 has gone to the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church and £4,860 has gone to Heartland FM.

And it’s the members who choose how the money will be allocated across the area by choosing online.

Mr Jardine said: “So the way it can be split is if a member can go online, you then get the option to select your chosen cause, so the money they raise will be automatically put to their chosen cause.

“If at the end of timescale, the members haven’t chosen a cause, the money will be split three ways.”

This is one of the ways the store is supporting the local community which plays a crucial part for their day to day operations.

Mr Jardine said: “I think community is just everything that the Co-Op is about, making a deference with the community is one of the keys, fundamental, ethics we have within the Co-Op.

“I think what makes the Co-Op different is that it’s a company that’s owned by its members, it’s unlike the other ones with big investors, it’s member-run, so it’s really important that we keep it local.”

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