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Pitlochry Community Council Coming up on Monday

The Pitlochry Community Council is meeting on Monday night to discuss local issues which are happening in the town.

Starting at 7:30pm, the community council are looking to discuss queries and questions in Pitlochry.

Community council chair, Jim Laurenson, said: “We are in fact a community-based group which is directly affiliated to Perth and Kinross Council, and we are accessible through monthly meetings.

“Prior to the virus, we met monthly in the Atholl Centre in Pitlochry, but due to the current situation we have meetings on a fairly regular basis, but at the moment no fixed dates via zoom.”

Looking to bring more of the community into the fold, now the council are inviting the rest of the town to join them in deciding their future.

Mr Laurenson explained: “Now we have community councillors elected by the public and we are here to deal with queries, questions or whatever regarding Pitlochry.

“We are currently looking for members, to become community councillors or just be members of the group.

“If you want to speak to myself or the secretary, we’re available via Pitlochry Community Council Via pitlochrycommunitycouncil@gmail.com.”

Meeting regularly, throughout the year, the group meet up to discuss these issues as a group.

Mr Laurenson added: “We are operational around year-round allowing a month’s break at Christmas and a months break at summer time for holidays.”

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