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Pitlochry Community Council Nominations are In

People living in Pitlochry had until Thursday July 22 to put forward their nominations for the new community council, now six members of the community have come forward to stand for the community council.

The six people nominated onto the council are Sheena Brennan, Stewart Hall, John Henley, Fergus McCallum, Sarah Roberts and Lesley Shaw. For one nominee, Fergus McCallum, ‘It’s all about young people’.

Mr McCallum said: “I haven’t joined for me, I joined for my family and for young people in Pitlochry.

“Pitlochry needs to think about the future, and I want to help give young people opportunities in the town.”

The nominations have come forward after the Pitlochry Community Council went into abeyance after members resigned, leaving the council without enough representatives.

Speaking at the time, Andrew Holmes, said: “It’s important that Pitlochry has a CC with the current state of the town and with PKC investment going elsewhere.

“Community Councils are statutory bodies and need an active membership.”

Since there are eight vacancies and there’s only six nominations, an election will not be held in August

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