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Pitlochry Festival Theatre Kicks Off with Author Craig Russell

LISTEN: Amy Liptrott and Craig Russell delve into Hyde and the Winter Words Festival

The Pitlochry Festival Theatre is back with its Winter Words festival which celebrates telling stories during the time of year when everyone wants to cosy up to a story.

And like last year, the festival will be taking place over a series of digital events between Monday February 14th and Sunday February 20th.

This year they’re joined by titans of modern literature, such as Denise Mina, James Crawford, Arifa Akbar and many more.

The theatre’s associate director, Amy Liptrott, explained: “So Winter Words is in its 18th year, and it was set up by John Durnin to be a celebration of the craft of words and how we use them, how we love them, how they express what we are as a, as a society, theaters are about telling stories and celebrating why, how we understand the world through stories.”

And to start everything off, author, Craig Russell will be joining the theatre to discuss his book Hyde.

Russell’s Hyde is a reinterpretation, or origin story, of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde set in Victorian Edinburgh. Not just exploring Dr Jekyll’s own split personality, but Edinburgh’s too.

Russell explained: “The book itself concerns Edward Hyde, he’s the superintendent of detectives in Victorian Edinburgh, and he gets involved in solving a case where someone’s been found murdered.

“So, he becomes, if you like, a subject of his own investigation.”

Amy Liptrott will be joining Mr Russell in conversation to discuss these themes.

She said: “I think the way that Craig has taken the idea of how we view ourselves, the public versus private kind of self that we show to the world, how our brains are incredible and we hardly know the capacity of them.

“And I think there’s a particular moment where the mind is explored through a journey which seems like a subterranean journey, which is just extraordinary when you realize what’s happened with it.”

You can find more information on: https://pitlochryfestivaltheatre.com/

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