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Pitlochry Festival Theatre Launch ‘Support Our Artists’

Image Courtesy of Pitlochry Festival Theatre

‘Support Our Artists’ kicks off Giving Tuesday for the Pitlochry Festival Theatre (PFT) by striving to celebrate artists with fundraising to commission their work further.

Giving Tuesday is the ‘day when everyone everywhere can do something to support the good causes that mean so much to us all.’

The rallying cry for freelancers comes from months of the #PFTLightHopeJoy which sees fresh daily art every day.

Associate Director at Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Amy Liptrott, said: “Certainly what we’ve done is we’ve kept going, but we need to keep going beyond this, this pandemic isn’t over, certainly for creative industries and the whole world.

“Until we get a vaccine that is regular and reliable and everybody’s safe, we’re not going to feel comfortable, we’re not going to be able to reopen places where people are in close contact with each other.”

Reaching 2.5 million people, Light Hope Joy ranges from spoken word, poetry, writing and reading and more.

Amy Liptrott added: “It’s really important to recognise that this work needs to keep going at the moment, we need to keep on producing light hope joy.”

Over the course of the lockdown the theatre has employed 82 actors, writers, musicians and other creative artists as part of their work during these difficult times.

Jesse Fox, one of the actors from the Summer ensemble, and frequently performing online through the theatre’s digital channels for #PFTLightHopeJoy, explained: “I feel extremely lucky to have been part of #PFTLightHopeJoy for Pitlochry Festival Theatre over many months.

“On a personal note it has been an absolute live-saver having a creative focus and a creative community to be interacting with in these very strange and challenging times for so many people.

“I have loved being able, albeit in an unusual way, to carry on flexing those creative muscles, having discussions with Elizabeth and her brilliant team, with our audiences and to generate content for our audiences to enjoy.”

For Amy Liptrott, art is ‘to celebrate what it is to be human’, adding, ‘artists do that so brilliantly.’

One historical figure on her side is Winston Churchill, a member of the Royal Academy of Arts, who said: “The arts are essential to any complete national life. The State owes it to itself to sustain and encourage them.

Thinking about why it’s important to fight for artist Amy Liptrott explained: “They were talking about cuts to the arts after the end of world war two, and Winston Churchill said, what on earth were we fighting for if we start doing that?”

Alongside all of these projects, the PFT are also running their Telephone Club for people who might not be able to connect with a digital medium.

Every week, actors are connecting with people from around the country ever since the beginning of the lockdown.

One caller said: “My wife has just received her third call and I really have to say the result of each call is amazing. 

“The lack of social contact with other than immediate family is all taking its toll, and then she receives a call from the theatre. What a difference!

“Her normal optimism that things will get better, energy to face life, and a smile, all returned. I cannot thank them enough.”

Anyone looking to support the campaign can find out more information on: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/PFTSupportourArtists

And more information about Light Hope Joy can be found here: https://pitlochryfestivaltheatre.com/pftlighthopejoy/

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