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Pitlochry Festival Theatre’s Ready for a COVID Safe Summer Season

LISTEN: Elizabeth Newman shares what’s happening with the PFT in the coming months

The Pitlochry Festival Theatre is gearing up for their summer season with a range of performances taking place in COVID friendly surroundings.

Starting in June, the newly built 80 seat amphitheatre and Riverside Bandstand will see performances including Adventures with the Painted People by David Greig, Hannah Lavery’s adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde and for families, Mark Powell’s adaptation of The Wind in the Willows.

Artistic Director, Elizabeth Newman said: “Audiences won’t be sat indoors, as usual, they’ll be outside and socially distanced and that’s about keeping everyone safe and so that they’re still getting to experience some entertainment and be together.

“I think everybody really needs it. I think people are just excited about the idea of going and sitting outdoors and listening to somebody sing or perform with their friends and their family and enjoying doing something that isn’t inside their own home.

“You will never be in an enclosed space to watch anything.

“It will be truly outdoors so in the same it will be a bit like going for a walk you know in the Hills in general you’re outdoors loads of fresh air; you can look around joyfully and happily but what is brilliant is we’re adding that experience to somebody singing or dancing or performing a bit of a play for you.”

Alongside these productions, Jo Clifford and Lesley Orr are writting a new play named Requiem, ‘which will see them devise a ceremony to mourn and celebrate the lives of those lost during the pandemic, and support the process of our collective grief. This will be a promenade production.’

The theatre has adapted to lockdown by continuing to provide entertainment to audiences. At Christmas audiences came together online to view The Magic of Christmas.

The recently announced route map out of lockdown now gives Pitlochry Festival Theatre the chance to welcome audiences home in a safe, COVID friendly way and Elizabeth warmly welcomes the changes, adding: “What’s brilliant about this road map is at least there will be an option for people to sit and listen to somebody singing or listen to somebody deliver some great text, great drama and there will be a sense of coming together with other audience members.

“I think audiences as groups of people gathering – and in this case outdoors and socially distanced – do get something from just being together and that I’m looking forward to.

“Seeing people feeling part of something and having a shared experience which I hope in some of the performances will be celebratory and joyful and uplifting or will be moving and important and creates the space for people to contemplate what’s happened.

The full programme of events can be seen at www.pitlochryfestivaltheatre.com

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