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Pitlochry Fire Station Helps in Driving Better Awareness on the Road

LISTEN: Garry Stagg shares why road safety is so important to him

The Highland Action Partnership Road Safety Group is hosting an open day in the Pitlochry Fire Station to help promote safe driving in Highland Perthshire.

They’ll be teaching drivers how to take the roads in Highland Perthshire with care, anyone who comes along can get a free check up on how well their car is prepared for winter.

Garry Stagg spent much of his life shouting people to go faster as a commentator at the Knockhill Racetrack, but now he’s calling on people to slow down and drive carefully on the public road.

Mr Stagg said: “It’s at the Pitlochry fire station, it’s called raising awareness and the idea is that the Road Safety Partnership group is looking to improve people’s awareness and driving habits in order to avoid road deaths.

“Now, this coincides with a campaign by the chief fire officers which is called Edward. Now you may not have heard of Edward, but the name stands for every day without a road death, which I think is one of the better acronyms that I’ve met recently. So, we’re all sort of saying, come along to the station and let Edward help to drive more driver awareness.”

Now Mr Stagg lives in Logierait and is campaigning for the roads to become a safer place after a crash in Thurso left him in a wheelchair.

He explained: “Because it may seem a bit odd that I’ve spent 30 years of my life shouting about people going fast on a racetrack. And it’s my belief, firmly, that there’s good time and a place for everything, and a racetrack is one place you can do this in reasonable safety. Fast driving on public roads is something which is, as outdated as, say, cockfighting and we just don’t do that stuff anymore.”

The partnership are meeting at the Pitlochry Fire Station on September 28 between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm.

Mr Stagg said: “The main thing is come on the 28th of September, come and see the lads there, we’ve got a lot of good things to say. We can all learn a great deal from it.

“I can say, the incentives, if you like, is for the chance to win a really nice day out at Knockhill Racing Circuit as well. So, thanks to them.

“And come and see us wherever you are in Highland Perthshire, Pitlochry, Aberfeldy or Dunkeld, anywhere, come along to Pitlochry on the 28th, it’s a Tuesday, 10:30 to 12:30. Come on and join us.”

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