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Pitlochry Food Waste Reduction and Recycling Project

Pitlochry and District Climate Café and the Perth and Kinross Council’s Waste team are launching a Food Waste Reduction and Recycling Project in Pitlochry starting next week.

The project is looking for eight or more families in the area to take part and keep a four-week diary over a personally selected period, of what food is thrown into a brown (kitchen) food waste bin which will be provided if they don’t have one.

The food action project will run until Monday 26th September 2022 and will conclude with a Zero-waste Food Waste Action event on Saturday 1st of October at a venue to be confirmed.

Alongside the food diary the project is encouraging households to utilise their brown bin for food waste or to have a home composter installed in their garden with the aim of reducing avoidable food waste, such as plate scrapings, opened but unused ingredients and any spoiled food nearing its best before date and  to recycle unavoidable food waste such as fruit cores, vegetable peelings, eggshells, coffee grounds and tea bags.

Food waste is a major contributor to climate change and following on from the Food Waste Survey carried out by the Council earlier in the year, the new local Community Eco Hub are organising a variety of events for Food Waste Action Weeks and Climate Week in September.

Anyone who is interested in taking part can contact the Pitlochry and District Climate Café via their website https://www.pitlochrycc.co.uk/ or register by popping into the Handam Refill Shop on Burnside Road.

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