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Pitlochry High School Improvements ‘Hampered’ by the Pandemic

Perth and Kinross Council have been told that the progress made to the Pitlochry High School in improvements has been ‘put on hold’ by the impact of the pandemic.

The improvements, which started in 2016, have been ‘hampered’ since the Highland Perthshire Learning Partnership have been unable to meet.

Service manager, Carol Taylor, said: “We have been quite hampered in relation to COVID, especially on the HPLP project.

“The property sub-group met two weeks ago but we hadn’t met regularly since March, basically because the project was, to all intents and purposes, on hold.”

‘In June 2016, funding of £2.8m was allocated to improve the accommodation at Pitlochry High School’, explains the report; which continued, ‘to date, a total of £1.13m has been spent on improvements to the fabric of the building, heating, lighting and wiring upgrades.’

The partnership meets to discuss milestones on the project and now they are considering the feasibility of improvements coming to the school.

Ms Taylor explained: “We’ve always run the property sub-group in a way where we actually have a milestone.

“At the moment the next milestone will be the delivery of some of the feasibility work on the project.

“We have focused on the social spaces, the parking and dining to try and prioritise that.”

The report specifies that the social space will ideally ‘be utilised for other purposes during the day’ and that the improvements made to parking will include ‘disabled parking provision and electric charging points.’

At the end of the meeting, Highland War councillor, Xander McDade expressed his support for the work that the HPLP does to improve the offering for school pupils with improvements to digital learning and uniting local schools to work closer.

He said: “So I’m really positive about all of that. I am disappointed by the delay in the property subgroup work, it was inevitable to the degree that COVID was gong to delay some of that.

“And I’m hopeful, based on what’s been said in today’s meeting, that that work has been restarted and I hope we will see some rapid progress on that.

“Because the building was feeling a bit tired when I was there, and that was actually over ten years ago, so actually, it would be really positive to see more development on that front.”

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