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Pitlochry Housing Needs Assessment Survey Launched

The Pitlochry Community Action Plan Theme Four Local Economy and Housing group and the Communities Housing Trust have launched a housing needs assessment survey for Pitlochry and the surrounding area.

The aim of the survey is to inform future housing provisions in the Pitlochry and Moulin area by identifying local housing needs and collecting the views of the community on housing related issues, with the results used to inform what types of homes are built in the future.

Chris Allen from the Theme group spoke about the purpose of the survey saying:  “Last year’s Pitlochry Community Action Plan found that young people are being priced out of the local property market and a lack of affordable housing meant it was difficult for new people to move to the area.

“This is impacting recruitment at the Medical Centre and in local businesses. It’s putting key institutions like Pitlochry High School at risk. The Pitlochry CAP team has launched a survey to learn more about these issues and how to address them.”

The survey will run until Sunday 4th of December and is open to those who live in the Pitlochry and Moulin area, anyone who is considering relocating or returning to the area and local business and service providers.

To take part in the survey visit https://www.chtrust.co.uk/surveys.html and complete the appropriate survey.

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