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Pitlochry Neighbourhood Watch Reminds Locals New Fire Alarms Rules ar Coming into Place

Photo Credit: The IQ Company

Stricter rules on fire alarms are being introduced in Scotland which mandates that homes must have fire interlined alarms throughout the house.

These are fire alarms that can communicate with each other so that when one goes off, they all go off.

From February 2022 all homes must have these installed in the room families spend most of their time in, one in the kitchen and another on the second floor of their home.

But the Pitlochry neighbourhood watch is warning that this push to buy new alarms gives fraudsters the opportunity to try to con vulnerable people.

Cath Marshall, from the watch, said: “This new law presents opportunities for fraudsters to take advantage of those who are unsure about the requirements or concerned about meeting the installation deadline. Beware of cold callers who say their products are endorsed by the Scottish Government or who say you may be eligible for financial assistance.”

Support to help install the newly regulated fire alarms is also available from the Scottish Government.

Housing Secretary Shona Robison explained: “One death from a house fire is one too many, and improving fire safety remains our utmost priority. In February Scotland will become the first UK nation to require every home to have interlinked fire alarms, which significantly reduce the risk of injury or death. If there is a fire in one room it will set off alarms throughout the property, giving residents more time to escape.

“Homeowners are generally responsible for paying for works to protect their property, but we know some may not be able to meet the cost of fitting these alarms. That is why we are providing £500,000 to help disabled and older people, on top of the £1 million we have already provided to the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service to install alarms in owner-occupied homes identified as being at highest risk.”

More information can be found on: Scottish Government website

Advice on fire safety can be found on: Scottish Fire and Rescue service website 

For help installing alarms if you are elderly or disabled, contact your local Care and Repair service 

If you are concerned about a cold caller or about what a tradesperson is telling you, please call Trading Standards Scotland on 0808 164 6000

If you still have questions on the alarms and what you need for your home contact: newfirealarmstandard@gov.scot

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