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Pitlochry Proudly Praised as ‘First Class’ by Troon Man Nick Currie

Lockdown restrictions have left people across towns and villages across Highland Perthshire, especially those shielding, with little option but to stay indoors for the past few months.

For, Troon man, Nick Currie’s mum, Margaret, simple things like getting the shopping in became an impossibility.

But lucky for people like Margret, who were stuck in their homes, they had the Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council Support Group to help.

Nick only had good things to say, adding: “Everybody I dealt with was extremely efficient and very friendly and couldn’t do enough to help.”

He went on to say: “I think the community spirit in Pitlochry is first class, and I have told so many people about it.”

The group was set up to help people like Margret get small inconveniences, which wouldn’t normally be a problem, that become much larger challenges with coronavirus restrictions.

They describe themselves as helping out with: “Maybe a little shopping, prescription collections or even some small outdoor chores such as putting your bins out and in, light garden work or dog walking.”

Everyone involved is a volunteer who has taken their time to help another fellow resident in the town.

It was not just the support group who were there for Margret says Nick, he also wanted to thank the local fish and chip shop.

Nick added: “I’d also like to thank the man in the local fish and chip shop who very kindly provided a fish supper, to my mum, every second week.”

Here’s Nick in his own words:

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