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Pitlochry Restaurant Closes After Positive Test

Photo Credit: Tim Mossholder

The family run Fern Cottage Restaurant in Pitlochry has made the decision to temporarily close for one week following one of the team at the restaurant testing positive for COVID 19.

A ‘key staff member’ and friend of the family who works at the restaurant noticed they had some symptoms of COVID and – to be extra cautious – took a test.

The decision to close was made by the team at the restaurant to keep staff and customers safe and avoid further spreading.

Reka Papp from Fern Cottage Restaurant said:

“He did decide to just do a test, just to be on the safe side and he came back as positive.

“We are close all of us. Even though we did social distancing at work and can hold it back, we do kind of too much in the same house so it’s difficult to do social distancing all the time because I have a very small team of people. Even the one person falling ill…that it doesn’t work for me.

“Common sense is probably the best answer because we were thinking what do we need to do? Do we need to act and do something?

“I couldn’t really have him isolated and all of us still continue working because to be able to have such close contact with none of us actually have any symptoms, we’ve all tested negative so far as well, so I don’t think it’s passed on to anyone.

“I don’t even think he’s caught it while he was working in the restaurant as such.

“I didn’t really want to take the risk of keeping it open and then coming back positive and then it just would just mean more and more people would have contracted it.

The restaurant closed on Monday 21st June for staff to be tested and will remain closed until Monday 28th June.

Reka added:

“It does seem like the procedures that we have in place – they did work.

“With staffing being such an issue in such a small team, this has a much bigger effect on the business.”

Customers are still able to contact the restaurant regarding existing or future bookings by calling 01796 473840.

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