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Pitlochry School Girl Passes with All A’s

LISTEN: Annabel Charlton shares her experience of studying over the past year

A local schoolgirl has passed her first exams with stellar all A’s across her seven National Five qualifications.

Annabel Charlton sat her first qualifications this year striking a successful run in all of her classes.

This year exams results were decided by the SQA’s ‘alternative certification model for 2021’ which involved teachers cross marking tests, reviewed by the local authority and spot-checking by the SQA.

Celebrating her results, Annabel said she is: “Pretty happy, although I guess I knew what I was going to be getting. We did keep one of them a secret from my dad, which was maths because that’s been a bit of a difficult time learning it all.

“Yeah, I was originally going to get a C, but to get an A in all of them was really great.”

Now these results are letting Annabel purse her passions as she moves onto St John’s RC Academy in Perth.

There Annabel will have the chance to explore her enjoyment of the bagpipes and take the next step in following her dream to become the first woman to the Glenfinnan music award.

Music has been an escape for her over lockdown, she explained: “Really for the past year or so, I’ve seen music as a getaway type of thing. So, it’s sort of a therapy.

“It’s my dream to be the first woman to win the Glenfiddich piping competition.”

And as part of Annabel’s five Highers, she will be studying English, French, biology, modern studies and music performance.

When it comes to revising Annabel’s advice is to be organised and space out studying.

She said: “My tips would be to maintain a good work effort all year round, start working really hard at the start of the year and just remember to take breaks.”

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