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Pitlochry Serenity Gardens Seeking Volunteers

The Pitlochry Serenity Garden, a community space set up by the Holy Trinity Church, is looking for volunteers to help maintain the space and keep it a beautiful space for the public to use.

The garden was set up to be a link between the church and the community, allowing people to come and enjoy the space, weather they are reading a book, meditating, praying, wanting a place to eat lunch outside and so much more.

Pam is one of the volunteers who is already helping at the Garden, and she has been telling us what she gets out of her time there: “Well I love gardening, so I just enjoy gardening for garden’s sake, and there’s a very nice group of volunteers so, I have met new people here and I’ve learnt a lot about gardening from just the chit chat of the other volunteers.”

Pam went on to explain some of the work that the volunteers do in the garden saying: “the things we do are clearing branches, digging, planting. You know trying to create something, it’s very much a work in progress. We’ve just be clearing the back part there in readiness for our next phase and there’s also administration, we’re trying to get the drystone walling association central Perthshire branch to come and do some drystone diking there.”  

Volunteers do not need to be proficient gardens, with the volunteers learning from each other.

Anyone looking to volunteer can contact Rector Reverend Liz Baker or head down to the gardens on a Tuesday morning between 10am and 1pm when the volunteers will be out.

You can find contact details for Rector Reverend Liz Baker by visiting https://www.hplc.scot/home/contact

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