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Pitlochry Vaccination Centre Closes this Week

A spokesperson for NHS Tayside confirmed that Pitlochry’s vaccination centre is closed this week after vaccinating on schedule for the current age group and since they are waiting on an increased supply of the vaccine available to them.

The spokesperson said that the closure is a result of the low number of eligible people in the area, mixed with a low supply of the vaccine.

They said: “The centre was not scheduled to be open this week due to low numbers of patients left to vaccinate in the current cohorts.

“No one was booked in for this week and the centre will reopen again early next week to continue vaccinating when the next cohort is announced.”

However, they are expecting to be vaccinating again next week once their stocks have been replenished.

Before supplies ran low, the vaccination was being given out at the Atholl Leisure Centre, more colloquially known as the Pitlochry Leisure Centre, on West Moulin Road.

It is understood by Heartland FM that other vaccination centres across Scotland are facing similar shortages.

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