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Pitlochry Walking Football Team Face Their First Opponents

LISTEN: Kenny Davidson, founder of the Pitlochry walking football team, and Ewan McLeod, the Community Projects Development Manager, speak about the tournament.

The Pitlochry walking football team, which was recently set up to make football more accessible to local people of all ages and abilities, played its first tournament on Sunday the 17th of July.

Kenny Davidson set up the team after seeing a need for better accessibility in football in the local area. The team, who were invited to play in a tournament of friendlies hosted by Saints in the Community, won their first game against Saints Blue 3-2.

Kenny told Heartland FM, “It was an experience. We never expected to win a game.”

Playing on the practice pitches at McDiarmid Park, each game lasted 15 minutes. While the Pitlochry team lost their subsequent games against Saints White and Scone, Kenny says, “This team here only got together in the last 12 weeks. I’m really proud of them. They’ve done so well.”

“To prove to Pitlochry that we have a team in existence, and get more people involved, is our objective. There are no age restrictions so anyone can come along.”

The team meet every Thursday at 7 pm, at the Recreation Ground in Pitlochry, and are looking for new players to join the team.

Walking football is a form of football that aims to make the sport more accessible by ensuring all players move at a slower pace, and that the ball stays on the ground. 

Ewan McLeod, the Community Projects Development Manager at Saints in the Community, explained that “the official rule is you must have at least one foot on the ground at all times.

“You are only allowed three touches per player when you have the ball and nothing above head height. For over-50s you are allowed some contact and for over-60s it’s a non-contact sport.

“You can block, you can intercept, you are not allowed to tackle and shoulder someone off the back and definitely not allowed to tackle from behind.”

Speaking about the tournament, Ewan said that “it’s really important to get people out and being active again, We organised this event to try to get people together – especially in rural areas – and hope to work with these teams in the future.”

For more information on the Pitlochry walking football team, contact Kenny Davidson at kennythehighlander@hotmail.co.uk – or turn up at the Recreation Ground in Pitlochry on Thursdays at 7 pm.

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