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Pitlochry’s Cancer Research ‘Overwhelmed’ by Positive Response after Reopening

Pitlochry’s Cancer Research UK Charity Shop Team

Pitlochry’s Cancer Research charity shop reopened on November 18 to an ‘absolutely tremendous’ response after opening their doors back up.

The shops new manager, Arthur Jackson, understands just how important the shop is to the town and is asking people to phone the shop first before making donations.

Mr Jackson explained: “The community’s been absolutely tremendous, and we’re so overwhelmed by the donations we’re getting.

“In order to follow protocol, we have to quarantine the donations, so we need to quarantine them for three days.

“So, it’s just to say to the community please absolutely continue to bring down your donations but if you could phone us firs that would be tremendous.

“Because of the quarantine, our storage system fills up very quickly and we don’t want to disappoint people to ask them to come back another day or we can’t take it at the moment.

“We absolutely want the donation, but it’s just a matter of time for us at the moment.”

Mr Jackson has worked in the hospitality industry for over the past ten years across a number of hotels in the town.

He says, ‘it’s all new to me’, he explained: “Due to hospitality suffering it meant that I was made redundant, so I was offered many jobs in hospitality.

“But decided that the Cancer Research UK shop in Pitlochry was very important for the local community, and it was a something I wanted to do, it’s a job where you’re giving back and helping so that’s ideal for me.”

Pitlochry’s Cancer Research charity shop is one of many which closed across the country, only opening their doors much later after the March lockdown.

Looking back on that time, Mr Jackson said: “Well the shop closed last March like every shop across the UK due to COVID and obviously with the lockdown it had to follow protocol.

“So, it closed down and it took a while after the lockdown was lifted for it to open again, due to a number of reasons.

“Primarily because they were looking for a new manager and assistant manager, so thankfully myself and the new assistant manager have started.”

Considering the reaction to the reopening, Mr Jackson said: “The shop in Pitlochry was a mainstay of the community, which was something I’ve learnt in the past few weeks.

“And I think just about has everybody told us how happy they are to see it reopen.”

Now the shop’s open Monday’s to Saturday, closed on Sunday’s, starting from half past nine through to half past four.

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