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Pitlochry’s Wee Choo Choo Car Park Spaces Refused Lease by Council

The Thai restaurant ran from inside a 1970’s train carriage in Pitlochry has been refused permission to lease car parking spaces from the council where it planned to operate from in Pitlochry.

Fergus McCallum had secured permission to establish the restaurant from the planning committee, he did not need permission to use the land first but is not being given use of the property.

The property sub-committee who Mr McCallum was planning to lease from decided not to lease the Rie-Achan Road Car Park car park for any commercial enterprise.

Councillor Murray Lyle put forward a motion which he explained as: “My motion would be this morning that I do not feel that we are in a position to advertise for lease this site. Currently, I don’t think it’s making best use of public resource in the car park.

“The anecdotal evidence, I have to be fair I don’t have the benefit of factual evidence, is that the car park is well used and there isn’t really the capacity to take away a significant amount of it.

“I think I would like a lot more assurance on the car parking situation, given that we allocated £150,000 to improve our car parking facilities recently in Pitlochry. And I would move that motion.”

Councillors voted in favour of this motion by five to two, Cllr Ballie added an amendment which would have rather seen the decision to be deferred until more evidence came in.

He was joined by Councillor Wilson who seconded the amendment saying: “I think we lack information to make a decision on this, one way or another.

“It’s a very unique proposition, it’s a very unique thing, and I think we’re half blinded, and we’ve got one arm and one hand tied behind our backs at this moment in time.

“I think we need to give our officers time to give us more detailed information, this committee is run on information and detail of information and facts, and I just don’t think we have them at the moment.”

Now the future of the Thai restaurant is uncertain, and Mr McCallum, who offered to pay for replacement parking, is unsure what will come next of the plans.

He said: “There was nothing to reasonably expect that outcome. So I don’t have an answer at this stage. I don’t know.”

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