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‘Please Keep Rossi’s Story Out There’ says Missing Pets Perth and Kinross Scotland

LISTEN: Katie McCandless-Thomas shares the story of Rossi the Labrador who went missing and what can be done to help find her

Recently a dog which matches the description of a Labrador who went missing after an accident in Dunkeld has been reported in the area.

Rossi, the missing Labrador, disappeared after loosing her footing and falling into the river while out on a walk in the Hermitage in Dunkeld on February 24 in 2019.

Locals have now been reporting seeing a dog which matches Rossi’s description in and around the Dunkeld area.

Katie McCandless-Thomas, who runs the Facebook Page Missing Pets Perth and Kinross Scotland, said: “A lot of these sightings have come from back roads.

“A lot of the sightings have been on the side of the quiet country roads, or just off the side of the road in the tree line.”

Rossi’s ‘totally captured everyone’s hearts’ says Katie, who adds: “I know myself, and I think a lot of other people who’ve heard her story and her page feel like they do know Rossi.

“They have just this desire to want her to be found and it’s been an absolute roller coaster for her family.

“And the end result, the best one would be if we could just get her home to her family.”

After Rossi first went missing, the community made a massive effort to try find her. Drones, kayakers, night vision cameras, searches and more were made to try find her.

Although it might not appear obvious, Katie says it’s not hard to imagine that a dog like Rossi could survive on their own for such a long time.

Katie said: “When dogs go missing they can go into something that’s called survival mode, it does change the way they would normally act as they would in the household.

“And where she’s gone missing she’s not going to be short of water sources, there’s so many water sources, and if a dog is that hungry they will scavenge.

“She’s got plenty of food sources there, there’s rabbits there, she could probably find deer carcasses, and if they’re that hungry they’ll even eat sheep and deer poo.”

For Katie, it’s important that Rossi’s story continues to be told so that people in the area can keep their eye out of they see anything.

Describing what people have told her, Katie said: “There’s been quite a few sighting of a yellow Labrador looking, quite a lot of the time, quite a little bit skittish or just a bit nervous.

“But it’s always been either quite a very fleeting sighting or the dog has been too nervous to catch, so while there’s been a lot of sightings we’ve never been able to actually physically catch the dog.

Anyone who thinks they’ve seen Rossi can help by letting her family and Katie know by getting in touch.

Katie adds: “Please, just please, keep Rossi’s story out there for her family, they’ve been through so much and we just want to get her back home to them.

“That’s all I can ask is that if you don’t follow Rossi’s Facebook already, just go on and give it a wee like, help find Rossi just so you can be kept up to date.”

For anyone looking to get in touch, Rossi’s Facebook page can be found on the following link: https://www.facebook.com/Help-Find-Rossi-802596206741251

Missing Pets Perth and Kinross Scotland can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/Help-Find-Rossi-802596206741251

Anyone with information can phone: 07929 519444 / 07432 368792 / 07432 368792

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