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Police Crackdown on Speeding as Part of National Campaign

Police in Highland Perthshire, and the rest of Scotland, are clamping down on speeding on roads.

As part of the effort to promote safer driving, officers are joined by Police Scotland’s Safety Camera Unit in their engagement and enforcement phase this month.

Chief Inspector Graham Binnie said: “Speeding is an ever-present contributory factor in fatal and serious road traffic collisions.

“With traffic levels being significantly higher than normal, as staycations become the default option for holidays this year, officers and their colleagues within the Safety Camera Units will maintain a high-profile presence on our roads to influence behaviour through engagement, education and where necessary enforcement.”

In combating the problem of irresponsible drivers, the police will be talking with drivers and enforcing punishments on the roads when necessary.

Chief Superintendent Louise Blakelock added: “Travelling at inappropriate speeds is proven to be a significant factor in fatal and serious injury collisions.  This can be avoided if motorists take road safety seriously by paying attention to speed limits and the prevailing road, weather and traffic conditions.

“Police Scotland is committed to improving road safety and continues to work with a variety of partners, however, we need motorists to recognise the dangers of speeding and the need to obey speed limits at all times.

“Our officers will interact with drivers throughout the campaign using education where appropriate, but where necessary enforcement action will be taken.”

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