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Police in Highland Perthshire Warn of Winter Dangers for Travelers

As Winter draws nearer, Police in Highland Perthshire are reminding road users of all sorts to be careful when out and about at this end of the year.

Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are all being warned about the seasonal dangers at this time of year.

Chief inspector, Graham Binnie, said: “Pedestrians, cyclists and drivers all have a responsibility to

keep Scotland’s roads safe this winter.”

They are advising that to stay safe this Winter, drivers should be sure their cars are ready for the Winter conditions.

Firstly, tyres should be checked since they are crucial for keeping cars stuck to the road and not slip around corners or bumps along the way.

Breaks are an essential check too since stopping in wet or icy conditions takes far longer than in ideal circumstances.

Windscreens are another must check before heading out, dodgy windscreen wipers can block a drivers view and chips in the screen are bad under any circumstance.

Police in Highland Perthshire also say that drivers should be cautious of ice and act responsibly.

By keeping at slow speeds and high a gear as possible, by accelerating and breaking slowly, you can ensure the best safety of yourself and others.

For cyclists their advice is simple but important for anyone out on the road during these dark mornings and early evenings.

Visibility is key to staying safe, ‘a set of front and rear lights’ and ‘bright and reflective’ clothing all help improve your chances while out in dangerous times.

They are also keen to remind cyclists not to ignore sings and traffic lights which are there to protect road users.

Cycling on pavements can be dangerous too, roads are gritted and salted whereas paths might not be, making these paths dangerous for everyone near a cyclist on a pavement.

But it’s not just cyclists who bike riders need to be aware of, the Police are also reminding cyclists at this time of year they shouldn’t expect cars to stop as they usually would.

So, for this reason, enthusiast should be mindful that the traffic around them could unexpectantly lose control.

Pedestrians should also be careful when making trips outside in the darker months, they should also be sure to be safe, be seen.

Light or colourful clothing help make it easier for drivers to see people walking on the road, possibly saving the lives of more than just the walker.

By letting people know where you’re walking too and when to expect you back can be vital in finding you help if you get stuck, giving emergency responders every chance to they can to find you.

Crossing the road is also made more difficult by the slippery conditions to expect to come, drivers can’t stop as soon as they usually would so Police advise to cross the road when it’s quiet.

And if there is no pavement, walkers should walk in single file on country roads where they would otherwise be putting themselves and others at risk.

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