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Police Report Recent Housebreakings In Tayside

Renters could benefit from improved standards in homes as consultation launched

In the latest Perth and Kinross Local Area Commanders Bulletin, Police Scotland have reported that there has been a number of reported housebreakings, across the Tayside area, in the last few days.

Although housebreakings can occur at any time of the year, as nights begin getting darker earlier, it can be easier for criminals to tell which houses are empty due to a lack of lighting.

Police Scotland are advising people to follow some safety tips such as installing outdoor lighting, leaving lights or tv simulators on when you are not at home, installing an alarm system, using CCTV and ensuring that you are safely securing your doors and windows. The police also have reminded people to be careful when posting on social media and to avoid posts about going out for the evening or that you are away on holiday.  

The commander’s bulletin has also asked people to ensure that their sheds and garages are secured at all times as criminals may steal tools from them in order to break into the property.

The public are being asked to report any unusual activity to the police by phoning the non-emergency line on 101 or by visiting your local police station.

Unusual activity could include, people offering to do work by knocking on your door or by posting cards through the door. These methods are used by criminals to find potential targets, and so by reporting this to the police it may help them to identify the criminals.

If you wish to find out more about crime prevention for your property, home security or anything else related to keeping your home safe this winter, contact Police Scotland’s partnerships, interventions and preventions department by email at: taysidepreventionsandinterventions@scotland.police.uk.

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