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Police Say to Stay Safe this Christmas

Police in Highland Perthshire are reminding people how they can stay safe this festive season.

At this time of year there are opportunities unique to Christmas for criminals to take advantage of unsuspecting victims.

Chief inspector, Graham Binnie, said: “Christmas is going to look different this year for many of us and while there will be no big Christmas nights out it is still important to consider how to keep yourself and your property safe during the festive season.”

Houses are one target since they are usually filling up with valuables in the lead up to the December 25.

The police are advising that people you don’t leave Christmas presents visible from outside windows and keep your house looking occupied as a precaution to help deter thieves.

They also suggest that people don’t advertise on social media that they’re away and therefore letting potential thieves know their house is unoccupied.

Road safety is another concern for the police at this time of year, drink drivers, winter conditions, wear and tear are all serious issues which come into their own.

Mr Binnie said: “Disappointingly a small minority of people still think it is an acceptable risk to take and so our patrols will target those who choose to do so.”

With Scotland’s strict limits on alcohol and drugs while driving, he added, ‘I would always advocate a policy of no alcohol if you intend to drive.’

When it comes to the conditions of the road, Mr Binnie said, ‘know the road like the back of your hand? But what about around the corner? Be prepared for unexpected changes.’

The police are also warning people to stay be cautious while Christmas shopping.

They are aware of the dangers online shopping can pose since scammers will try and prey on unsuspecting shoppers to try and steal their data.

That’s why they want people to make sure their security is up to date and passwords are strong.

And they are warning of the dangers of shopping in reality too, they are asking people be cautious of anything suspicious such as cameras or unusual devices fitted to cash machines.

They hope that by taking these extra precautions and being weary of potential dangers, Highland Perthshire can enjoy a safer Christmas.

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