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Police Scotland Launch New Campaign Against Domestic Abuse

Met Police officers ‘recognise’ link between football and domestic abuse

A new Police Scotland campaign has been launched to encourage young men to reflect on how they treat their partners and what they can do to improve their behaviour and attitude when in a relationship.

The ‘Is That Me’ campaign, has been launched to make young men aware of the behaviours and attitudes that constitute as domestic abuse so that they can work to make sure they don’t become a perpetrator of abuse to their partner. A study has shown that 80 per cent of domestic abuse cases involve a male perpetrator and a female victim.  

Abusive behaviour can include a number of different behaviours, including:

  • Threatening your partner
  • Calling them names
  • Controlling what they do, where they go and who they speak to
  • Not allowing them to see their friends and family
  • Accusing them of cheating
  • Stalking them by continually checking up on them
  • Sharing, or threatening to share, intimate images of your partner
  • Hitting, kicking, punching or throwing objects at them
  • Rape, forcing your partner into sexual acts they don’t want to do
  • Keeping money from them or demanding their money

Domestic abuse does not have to be between you and your current partner and you can still be a perpetrator or victim of domestic abuse with an ex-partner. If you are found to be abusive either in-person or online towards a current or former partner, you will be arrested.

For further information on the campaign, visit: www.scotland.police.uk/what-s-happening/campaigns/2022/isthatme

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