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Police Scotland Looks for your Feedback

Police Scotland is carrying out a survey to hear how they’ve performed over the last year.

While the survey is being carried our nationwide, it starts by asking for the postcodes of people responding to the survey to localise their feedback.

A spokesperson said: “The local police survey is open throughout the year to help us identify and understand people’s opinion of their local police service, and any concerns about their safety and wellbeing in their area.”

This year in particular, they want to hear from people in Highland Perthshire, and the rest of the country, how well they’ve handed their duties during the pandemic.

Their spokesperson added: “Your feedback makes sure that our approaches to policing, including how we’re managing the Coronavirus pandemic, are relevant and support the communities we serve.

“We are grateful to all who participated, and continue to participate in this survey.”

To find more information about the survey, follow: https://consult.scotland.police.uk/surveys/your-police-2020-2021/

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