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Police Scotland Seeking Feedback on Perth and Kinross Local Police Plan 2023-2026

Police Scotland have begun the public consultation phase for the development of the Perth and Kinross Local Police Plan 2023-2026.

The Local Police Plan explains how Police Scotland will deliver on policing priorities in Perth and Kinross over the next three years, with the public asked to provide feedback before the 12th of February 2023.

In a letter Tayside Divisional Commander Phil Davidson said: “Developing the Plan offers the opportunity to work together with our partners and communities to understand the priorities and adjust or improve what we do to keep people safe.

“The Plan has been shaped by a range of views, data and assessment, including public feedback. You may be aware that local policing teams have been out and about across Perth and Kinross engaging with communities over several months. We have also been gathering feedback from our Your Police survey, as well as partner and stakeholder views.

“We are keen to hear feedback from all members of the community as we continue to

develop the Plan.”

Feedback can be provided on the Perth and Kinross Local Police Plan at https://consult.scotland.police.uk/strategy-insight-and-innovation/lpp2023/ or alternatively by email to Taysidedcu@scotland.police.uk

The survey is also available in alternative forms including a British Sign Language version and an Easy Read version. Full details on how to access these are available on the Police Scotland Website or by emailing InsightEngagement@scotland.police.uk

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