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Police Scotland Seeking Public Views to Help Inform Local Policing

Police Scotland is continuing to meet the needs of their communities it serves by running a public engagement survey to gather feedback to help them improve how they deliver policing services in local communities.

The survey is looking to understand the views and priorities of Scotland’s diverse communities to help inform how Police Scotland respond to the needs of the public. The deadline for completion is the 31st of March 2023.

Outcome Three of the Joint Strategy for Policing (2020) creates a space for the Police Scotland to inform their services using the views and experiences of the public, with the Annual Police Plan 2022/23 setting out what they will do to keep communities safe with the plan developed in response to last year’s survey, focus groups, workshops and other communication with the public.

The survey ask questions about your local area, including how safe you feel and if anything worries you, it asks questions about policing in your area, and what you feel they are doing well.

The survey is completely anonymous and participants will not be identified through the information provided. To take part in the survey visit https://consult.scotland.police.uk/strategy-insight-and-innovation/your-police-2022-2023/

The survey is also available in Easy Read, which can be downloaded from the page above or in BSL which can be found at https://consult.scotland.police.uk/strategy-insight-and-innovation/bsl-version-your-police-2022-2023/

Anyone wishing to complete the survey in a different way such as over the phone should email InsightEngagement@scotland.police.uk  

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