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Police Urge Summer Safety in the Hills

Photo Credit: Ronnie Fleming

With the beautiful landscape and places to explore and the sunny weather we are experiencing, taking to the outdoors in Highland Perthshire seems like the most tempting day out at the moment.

However, Perth & Kinross Police have issued guidance on spending your time outdoors safely to prepare for any sudden weather changes.

A Perth & Kinross Police spokesperson said:

“Before you head out to enjoy the wilderness please take a few minutes to ensure you and your party are fully prepared.

“Firstly ensure that you carry clothing to deal with all types of weather, including hats and gloves as the temperature at the summit of a climb may vary significantly from the bottom; consider multiple layers which can added or removed as required. Sturdy footwear is essential as is a waterproof jacket and trousers and if you’re taking a GPS device then make sure you have spare batteries; also take a map (of the correct area and know how to use it).

“Compass, whistle, bivvy bag, spare foodstuffs and a first-aid kit should all be mandatory and don’t cost the earth. Also, a mobile phone is of no use if it’s got no charge so invest in a power pack or switch it off if not required.

“Complacency is the climber’s enemy so don’t just assume that once you have reached the summit it’s all over; descending can be equally perilous.

“Always notify someone of your intended route and expected return time; a ‘Climbers Location and Identity Verification’ form can be found on the Police Scotland website as can further information on keeping yourself safe and a series of mountain safety videos

“It’s every individual’s responsibility for their own safety whilst on the hills so don’t find yourself relying on the professionalism of a mountain rescue team when a few simple preparations and precautions can help us all enjoy the best that the outdoors has to offer.”

For further information and guidance, please visit Police Scotland’s dedicated ‘Keep Safe’ pages at: https://www.scotland.police.uk/advice-and-information/hill-walking/

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