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Police Warn of Rural Crime in Highland Perthshire

Photo Credit: Lukas Hartmann

Everything from the size of a trailer, to a quad or even a tractor have been targets for thieves in Highland Perthshire.

Criminals have been taking advantage of vulnerable equipment of all sizes, in this past week both a quad and tractor were stolen.

In response the local police service are advising that gates in disuse be secured with permanent fences to restrict access across grounds.

They also suggest that simple measures can make all the difference between losing a vehicle or equipment.

Steps like making sure vehicles are parked as close as possible to premises and out of sight if they can be.

Also parking larger vehicles in front of doors to barns and other accessways can help deter thieves by making it harder to leave with anything stolen.

‘Consider an alarm’ they say, or even fit wheel clamps on valuable equipment.

Chief Inspector, Graham Binnie, said: “Whilst this may seem excessive to some a lot of the actions mentioned above are simple and do not cost the earth. Time and again I read crime reports whereby quad bikes, trailers and other machinery are left insecure, easily accessible and occasionally even with the keys still within.”

Another suggestion which can go a long way in helping the police identify stolen property is signing up for CESAR.

That’s the governments nationally recognised marking scheme which they say helps make property ‘4 times less likely to be stolen and 6 times more likely to be identified.’

They want to reassure locals that by making it more difficult for organised crime to operate in Highland Perthshire, the less likely they are to take advantage of local communities.

Details on how to register with CESAR can be found on: https://www.cesarscheme.org/

More advice can be found www.ruralwatchscotland.co.uk

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