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Pupils Take on Active Travel Challenge

LISTEN: Breadalbane Academy pupils share why they’ve been enjoying counting up their active travel miles

Pupils in Aberfeldy have accepted a challenge by an outdoors adventure group to match their miles as they take on the River Tay.

Inspired by the mission undertaken by Adventure Syndicate, an outdoors collective, to find the source of the River Tay, Breadalbane Academy’s pupils are making the effort to get to school by using active travel.

That means walking, running, cycling and even kayaking to get to school.

Breadalbane Academy pupil Balint said: “I quite like cycling and walking my dog, but also for the miles challenge it’s quite cool that I’ve been able to walk, cycle around the loch and I went down to the river and had a swim in it a few times.”

Starting their challenge, Adventure Syndicate’s formidable female duo Lee Craigie and Jenny Graham kicked off their trip from Glasgow Queen Street with the goal of finishing at Crianlarich.

The duo are carrying camping equipment and packrafts on their bikes so they can ride and paddle an average of 30 kilometres each day of their journey.

They’re taking on the challenge to help promote the personal, social and environmental benefits of active travel and looking to the local children to join them in their adventure.

Lee, director of The Adventure Syndicate and the Active Nation Commissioner for Scotland said: “We can all get very hung up on ‘doing the right thing’ when it comes to our health and averting our climate crisis, but we hope our Source to Sea adventures turn these motivations on their head.

“First and foremost, walking, cycling or wheeling short journeys instead of being stuck in a car should make us feel better physically and emotionally as well as connecting us to other people and to nature. This should be the motivating factor to moving our bodies more, not shame or guilt. By focusing on the joy and fun to be found on the journeys from our doorsteps to school or work we hope to bring people along with us on our journey to a more sustainable future.”

After counting up their miles and joining in on the spirit of the expedition the pupils are keen to keep going and say they are enjoying getting into the outdoors.

Sabina, another pupil, explained: “I think it’s important for girls to keep active because it’s not just good for your physical health but it’s good for your mental health as well.

“So, if you’re sad or angry go for a run or go for a walk, it’s really good for your mental health.”

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