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Railway Bridge Inspections to Cause Road Closure in Pitlochry

Network Rail will be carrying out an assessment of the Railway Bridge at the North end of Atholl Road near Dysart Brae from Monday 8th of August for approximately five days. The road closure is only on the bridge with local access to Dysart Brae and other residential areas maintained.

During the closure vehicle will be unable to cross the bridge and a local diversion will be in place. For vehicle traveling into Pitlochry from the North the diversion is via the A9 to the Foss Road junction, down Foss Road to Bridge Road and along Bridge Road, to join Atholl Road at the South end and vice versa.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “Our engineers will be assessing the bridge structure to identify requirements for potential future enhancement work, as part of a wider rolling programme to decarbonise Scotland’s Railway.

“In order to complete the work safely, we need to close the bridge to vehicles for five days, with an ‘all vehicle’ diversion route in place during the closure. Pedestrians will still be able to use the bridge throughout the work.

“We would advise residents to factor in some extra journey time, especially during peak periods of travel and we thank them for their patience and understanding.”

During the road closure the Elizabeth Yule Service 82 and 87 will not be able to operate their normal routes with all buses operating south into Pitlochry travelling via the A9 – Foss Road – Bridge Road and Atholl Road diversion, with buses operating north out of Pitlochry operating the route in reverse.

The bus stop on Atholl road at and opposite Clunie Bridge Road and at and opposite Dysart Brae will not be served during this time.

The area that will be closed while the assesment is carried out by Network Rail.
The diversion is via Atholl Road – Bridge Road – Foss Road – A9 – Atholl Road and vice versa, with no access across the bridge during the works.
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