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Railway Bridge Works Changed by Network Rail

Network Rail will be carrying out an topographical survey by the Railway Bridge at the North end of Atholl Road near Dysart Brae. The assesment is scheduled to take place over two nights from on Monday 8th of August and Tuesday 9th of August from 8pm until 6am.

During this time temporary traffic lights will be inplace and the road will remain open.

A Network Rail spokesperson said: “Our intention now is to undertake the important topographical survey work by having temporary traffic lights in place instead of closing the bridge.  

“This will be done over a period of two nights, Monday 8 August and Tuesday 9 August, from 8pm to 6am on each night and means the road will remain open at all times.

“We will then return at a later date to complete the remaining ground investigation work to the bridge and will provide an update to the community well in advance of this.”

This work is a change to the originally scheduled work for the bridge which would have seen it closed for five days from Monday 8th while Network Rail carried out an assesment of the bridge as part of potential future planning work for the decarbonisation of the railway.

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