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Rangers Ready to Wrestle with Dirty Camping

Following from last year’s dirty camping episode, the Perth and Kinross Council’s new rangers are ready to tackle irresponsible campers.

Now seven new rangers are out to ‘promote responsible tourism and help prevent dirty camping’.

A total of £250,000 is being invested into the team in an effort to clean up the shores of local lochs and the wider open area.

Perth & Kinross Council Environment and Infrastructure Convener Councillor Angus Forbes said: “Last year there was, unsurprisingly, a huge number of visitors to Perth and Kinross. 

“We know that the actions of just a small number of people can upset residents and other visitors so we’re taking action this year to try to stop any problems arising.

“The Visitor Rangers programme has been funded for two years and we are sure they will help prevent anti-social behaviour. Perth and Kinross has many areas of outstanding natural beauty and we all have a duty to look after them.

“We know how important tourism is for many businesses in rural Perthshire and we are looking forward to welcoming responsible visitors back.”

Some of the issues the council are trying to tackle include irresponsible parking, littering and anti-social behaviour.

Each ranger is equipped with a van that’s been branded with ‘Love it Like You Live Here’ on each side.

Councillor Xander McDade, Independent representative for the Highland Ward, explained: “So I think, obviously we have a wonderful right to roam in Scotland under the access legislation that came through the Scottish Parliament after its founding.

“And those laws allow people to access the outdoors in a way that is not common in a lot of countries, it’s more common in Northern Europe, and that really brings with it a lot of wonderful rights.

“But paired with that, it comes with a lot of responsibilities and people are expected to follow the access code but people don’t know what the details of what the responsibilities are.

“And that can come down to the most basic things like making sure people shut gates when they’re going through farmland, ect.

“Or it can be making sure you don’t start fires. A lot of people obviously have an image of going out to the countryside and lighting a fire.

“And that’s wonderful, but it actually can pose major risks, not just for our environment, but it actually has the potential to set significant wildfires going; causing a nuisance locally.”

Temporary toilets are also being installed across 11 of Perth and Kinross’s most popular tourist spots too.

And for campers out of the way from amenities, the rnagers also have ‘Dig It In!’ kits which allow enthusiast to leave without a trace.

Anyone looking to report an issue can now contact: visitormanagement@pkc.gov.uk

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