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Rannoch Hub Hosts BBQ

The Rannoch Trust are moving into full steam as they start to take some of the first steps into renovating the former Kinloch Rannoch Outdoors Centre.

A new website is up and running which explains exactly where the project is and what the future plans have install for the upcoming community hub.

With plans in place, communications established and a good deal of community spirit behind the plan, the project is coming closer to starting.

In a newsletter the trust explained: “Currently the RCT Board are unable to give a firm date for when the community hub will be opening. Timescales are very much dependent on how quickly funds can be raised to pay for the building works and at the moment the board are still waiting for a final costed design before they have a definite fund-raising target.”

For now, the trust are organising an open house with a BBQ to give locals the chance to come in and explore the building and see the new plans.

A flyer explained: “You will get the chance to: look around the building, see the plans, ask questions to the RCT board members and find out how you can get involved with the project.”

The team are holding their open house, tonight (Friday 20 August) from 6:30 to 8:30pm.

They say that it’s open to all and are asking people to spread the word.

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