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Recovery Week: #breakingthestigma of Substance Abuse

Perth & Kinross Council’s Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP) is launching an awareness week which is aiming to break the stigma around addiction and substance abuse this week.

#walkthroughmyreocvery and #lifejourney two of the hashtag’s encouraging people to share their stories by asking people to upload a one minute video of themselves taking part in a, socially distanced, walk and telling their story.

Councillor Eric Drysdale, Chair of the Perth & Kinross Integration Joint Board (IJB), said: “Recovery Week is about looking to the future and saying people can and do recover.

“Individuals and families have the right to a life free from the harms of drugs and alcohol. They deserve to be treated with dignity and to be supported within their communities to find their own type of recovery.”

By sharing these stories, its hoped that they can inspire others into leading a life without an addiction and into recovery.

The walk is only one of several events throughout the week which offers support and looks to start the conversation about the harms of substance abuse.

On Tuesday 27, the Neuk, in Perth, is hosting a drop in, physically distanced, event to promote mental health and well being.

Which is followed by a one mile ‘Recovery Walk North Inch’ starting at the selfie wings beside Bell’s Sports Centre.

IJB Vice Chair Bob Benson said: “Recovery is a long and personal journey where, through their own resilience, individuals reach a point from where they can begin to recover.

“This journey has many challenges and can rarely be completed alone. People recover when they have the support they need from their friends and families, with supportive work done by many voluntary groups and organisations operating throughout our community.”

The week ends on ‘Tackling Stigma’ around language on Thursday and ‘Hope & Renewal – pressing the reset button!’ on Friday.

More information about the support week can be found from the Perth and Kinross Council website: https://www.pkc.gov.uk/article/21839/Support-for-Recovery-Week

And from Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership: http://www.pklearning.org.uk/News/Recovery-Week-28-September/

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