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Replacement Hearing Aid Batteries can be Collected from Local Libraries

Photo Credit: Hilary Halliwell

Batteries for hearing aids can now be collected from libraries across Highland Perthshire.

Working with Culture Perth, NHS Tayside are helping to make getting access to hearing aids much easier in rural communities.

Samantha Batty, Head of Audiology for NHS Tayside, said, “By working in partnership with colleagues in Culture Perth and Kinross, our patients are once again able to pick up a replacement hearing aid battery at their local library, which is more convenient for many people. 

“I would like to remind patients to take their yellow book with them when they go to the libraries as they must show the book to receive new batteries.” 

This announcement comes after Culture Perth has began to reopen it’s library service across the Highland Perthshire area.

While libraries can’t organise any repairs, NHS Tayside is reminding people that they can contact the Audiology Department at Perth Royal Infirmary or at Kings Cross to make arrangements.

But NHS Tayside added: “Patients are reminded that they should not attend Audiology Departments unless they have arranged an appointment.”

To get in touch for more information about hearing aids, NHS Tayside’s department can be contacted on: 01382 596965

Alternatively, they can be reached by emailing: Tay.audiology@nhs.scot

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