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Road Saftey Group Driving Driver Saftey Tomorrow

LISTEN: Pat Spicer explains what they’re sharing at their driver safety days

A road safety event is set to take place in Kinloch Rannoch and Aberfeldy this Tuesday.

The event is being organised by the Highland Action Partnership Road Safety Group with the support of the Scottish Fire Service and Police Scotland.

The group was set up to combat speeding after four surveys found that more than 60% of all drivers were exceeding the 30mph limit.

Secretary of the safety group Pat Spicer said: “The fears expressed that caused us to do the surveys were confirmed.

“Safety is everybody’s problem and if you just turn a blind eye to a situation where you know there is a safety issue then you are culpable if something goes wrong.

“Once I knew how bad the problem was, I felt obligated to try and prevent accidents from happening.”

The group already held one workshop at Pitlochry Fire Station.

“We’ve learnt from that event. We’ve now got an expanded programme of stuff to present and we’ll be presenting it in a better way than last time.

“Hopefully we can reach more people.”

Activities at the workshop will include video presentations on topics such as driving on flooded roads, night driving and how to deal with blue lights.

There will also be speakers discussing the Highway Code.

Mr Spicer added: “One of the great benefits of this is that PKC now has a dedicated road safety co-ordinator.

“The hope is that what we learn from this can be taken around other communities in Perthshire.”

Attendees can also put their name in a hat to win a driving experience at Knockhill Racing Circuit if they fill out the feedback form.

The first event in Kinloch Rannoch takes place between 10am and 12pm and then in Aberfeldy between 2:30pm and 4:30pm.

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