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Sandpiper Trust Provides 999 Call Responders in Remote Highland Perthshire Communities

Speaking to Heartland FM, Lorna Duff from the Sandpiper Trust explained the importance of Sandpiper’s services, and how people can help spread awareness and help rural communities receive a fast response in the event of a 999 call – including communities in Highland Perthshire.

“The Sandpiper Trust provides medical equipment for doctors, nurses and paramedics who are Sandpiper basic Scotland responders,” Lorna explains. “The bags contain everything that somebody trained as a clinician would need to deal with a 999 call ahead of an ambulance arriving. All of our clinicians respond as volunteers, but they do provide vital cover in remote and rural areas of Scotland where ambulance coverage can be a bit sparse.

“Outwith the bag is a defibrillator. In the actual bag, you have everything from cannulas and needles, saline solution, drugs pouches for our responders, traction splints for breaks, tourniquets, bandaging… a huge amount of kit in there.”

Setting up at the Blair Castle International Horse Trials, Lorna told Heartland FM that the Sandpiper Trust were active in Highland Perthshire. “In this area, we have a number of GP practices that are fixed-resource practices, which means the GPs there are trained with the Sandpiper bags. We also have a very active responder who lives in Pitlochry. He does a lot of calls in this area – he’s very active. We are working on growing our coverage.”

As with all volunteer-led organisations, the Sandpiper Trust is always enthusiastic about getting support from the community.

“We struggle slightly with the publicity side, because a lot of people who are helped by a doctor, nurse or paramedic with a Sandpiper won’t necessarily know about it.

“We are always very happy to receive donations through our website. We sell a couple of books that have compiled by our trustees. We’re very happy for people to contact us and say they’re doing a fundraising event, and we’re always very happy to provide branded clothing.”

“It’s really lovely to be out and about again, and meet the public and let them know a bit more about Sandpiper.”

You can find out more about the Sandpiper Trust by visiting their website: https://www.sandpipertrust.org.

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